Affect behavioral change

Affect behavioral change

Find the tips and tools you need to create safer patient care environments.

Save lives – clean your hands!​

May 5th is the World Hand Hygiene Day. Tork is a proud participant of World Health Organization’s (WHO) initiative Private Organization for Patients safety (POPs) and promotes their initiative the World Hand Hygiene Day.

Achieve better hand hygiene practices with an improvement strategy

The World Health Organization has identified 5 key elements to focus on when improving infection prevention and control in a healthcare facility. All 5 areas should be considered in order for you to be successful and result in behavioral change.

1. Build it

System change - Make sure to have the right infrastructure, equipment and supplies in place.

2. Teach it

Training and education - Does your facility have trainings, trainers and the right equipment?​

3. Check it

Monitoring and feedback - Do you have effective monitoring and feedback in place?

4. Sell it

Reminders and communications - How are you promoting hand hygiene in your facility?​

5. Live it

Cultural change - Are your healthcare workers empowered and involved?