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The importance of a clean working environment for employee well-being

Clean and hygienic offices are key to employee satisfaction. In the articles below, you can read about improving the workplace experience by optimizing your cleaning operations. And how you can achieve this using the resources you already have, but with help from new technology. 


As a facility manager you want to deliver a seamless experience with no complaints. But staying in control is hard and improving operations under constant cost pressure is even harder. A clean and healthy work environment is key to employee satisfaction, well-being and productivity and can help attract and retain talented employees. 

Studies show that 72% of employees are reluctant to recommend a business with poor office hygiene to job seekers, while 70% feel that poor office hygiene genuinely affect their overall job satisfaction*. In other words, the work environment influences overall employee satisfaction and hygiene plays a decisive role here. Research also shows that complaints about restrooms are the most common. That’s why ensuring high and consistent cleaning quality is essential. Especially now, when hygiene is a top priority.

The office workspace is constantly evolving and is moving towards more flexible and activity-based layouts. This affects how employees navigate the office landscape and it’s a demanding task to ensure consistent cleaning quality in this type of dynamic environment. Keeping control over all aspects of the office and operating proactively rather than reactively is a challenge.

To consistently maintain a healthy and clean workplace for your employees, you need new and smarter ways of working. With innovative and functional, high-capacity solutions in combination with data-driven cleaning you can increase efficiency, save time and improve the working environment for cleaning staff, office workers and yourself. It will give you a sense of control, and with that comes peace of mind.

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Use data-driven cleaning to improve cleaning quality, hygiene and operational efficiency 

Since the pandemic, people have a strong need to feel safe and secure in the workplace. In fact, as many as 71% of employees expect their employer to provide extra cleaning rounds to ensure hygiene****. And with higher demands on cleaning quality and hygiene come greater need for maximizing efficiency and cleaning resources. Upgrading to data-driven cleaning can help you achieve this. 
Ensure high quality and reduce complaints
More and more facility managers recognize that digital solutions can help them ensure high cleaning quality, which is entirely correct. In fact, data-driven cleaning has been shown to achieve up to 30% higher customer satisfaction*****. It does this by increasing operational efficiency and empowering cleaners to optimize resources and create a safe environment. 
Use time effectively
That’s why so many forward-thinking companies have chosen Tork Vision Cleaning – the world’s leading facility management solution. This solution gives cleaners access to real-time data on tablets or smartphones, so that they can work proactively and tend to issues before they lead to complaints.
Improve quality and efficiency
In addition to helping cleaners service exactly when and where it’s needed, stay one step ahead at all times and exceed expectations on hygiene even in dynamic and demanding workplaces, it also empowers them to deliver a higher level of cleaning quality with less effort. This helps reduce complaints and allows you to better manage and optimize operations, stay in control and enjoy peace of mind. 
Promote sustainability and well-being
Tork Vision Cleaning also contributes to sustainability through less waste by only replenishing what is needed, when it is needed. Moreover, this new way of working helps reduce stress and increases motivation, as staff know that every task matters. 

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“Data-driven cleaning lets us know when dispensers are close to empty so we won’t face any unexpected surprises. We make decisions based on facts, not feelings.”
Sander Borggreve, Facility Manager at WTC Amsterdam

The value of Tork Vision Cleaning

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Note: Tork Vision Cleaning was formerly known as Tork EasyCube®.