We wash our hands here!

We wash our hands here!

Get a new perspective on how to accomplish a strong team with small effort. And learn how to succeed with hygiene compliance in your restaurant. 

Build a strong team

No matter how much you prepare and train, your entire team must be in line with you to reach your goal.

It is important to understand how people act and what circumstances influence their choices. If we learn how we can guide people to make the right decisions. We can be more confident in succeeding when setting new hygiene routines.

Short and positive information is one way of doing it

One effective tool is to project positive information. Keep things simple, inclusive and easy to understand. And preferably include emojis. Research shows that we perceive a message with emojis faster than one without. Probably because we see the similarity between emojis and facial expressions, which we process faster than text. And facial expressions also speak more to our emotions which makes it easier for us to understand the message. 

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