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Secure the new hygiene standard

Secure the new hygiene standard

Get concrete guidelines to help promote and execute appropriate hand hygiene, surface cleaning and social distancing on campus or at work to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

How to ensure a safe and healthy environment for students and employees?

The past year has changed our everyday lives in a way we could not have foreseen. Now we must have a stronger focus on hygiene to ensure an even healthier and safer environment for everyone. 

How COVID-19 can spread in your educational facility or office building

The COVID-19 virus can spread through the air, close personal contact and by touching contaminated objects or surfaces, then touching your eyes, nose or mouth. By following proper hand hygiene and social distancing protocols, heightened cleaning routines, targeted disinfecting procedures, and optimizing hand sanitizer dispenser placement, you can help reduce the spread of COVID-19 at the workplace or on campus. 

We’re here to help – download your toolkit!

In our toolkits, we share our expertise on how to ensure a high level of hygiene through proper hand hygiene and surface cleaning. We also include recommendations on social distancing and how to reduce person-to-person transmission on campus or at the workplace. You’ll find concrete guidelines for when and how to wash hands, when and how to clean and sanitize all surfaces, as well as how to keep hand washing stations filled with hygiene products that are easy to use and access

Resources to help stop the COVID-19 virus

Here you’ll find additional resources that can help you ensure that the workplace and campus are safer places to be.