It’s easy to provide a great restroom experience

It’s easy to provide a great restroom experience

The Tork Counter Mount Soap System helps get complaints down and satisfaction up designed for easy and quick soap refilling, providing a great restroom experience for all visitors.
Tork Counter Mount Soap System - Easy Efficient Refilling

Easy to maintain and refill

  • Flexible mounting due to 6 ft hose
  • Front load dispenser for speedy refilling
  • Refill bottle designed for easy gripping
Cleaner replacing a soap refill under the sink counter

Smart, sustainable hygiene

  • Fast refilling. High capacity
  • IoT connected for Tork Vision Cleaning compatibility 

Maximize your operational efficiency with different mounting options

Tork Counter Mount Soap System - Great user experience

High-quality experience

  • High capacity 2L refill bottles serve up to 2,650 visitors* 
  • Stays primed for soap on demand  
  • Touch-free sensor dispensing  
Close-up of foam hand soap refill bottle with environmental certifications

Luxurious foam soap quality

  • Up to 50% consumption reduction** – reducing usage and increasing availability​
  • Adjustable dose sizing 
  • Suitable for frequent use 


* Serves up to 2,650 guests between refills based on 0.5mL dose size and an average 1.5 doses per visitor 
** Than Tork Liquid Soap, based on dose size of Tork Foam Soap 0.5 mL dose vs. Tork Liquid Soap 1 mL dose. 

2022 Behaviorally - Quantitative research with 600+ respondents.