Tork Interactive Clean Hospital Training

Tork Interactive Clean Hospital Training

Interactive Training for optimal cleaning results in hospital environments.

It starts with safe care environments

Prepare your cleaning  staff with the right tools. Correct cleaning and how it contributes to patient safety has become a more important topic than ever before. Here you will find training and educational material that will help you and your team keep hospital environments safe and clean. 
Tork Microfiber Cloths

Introducing Tork Microfiber Cloths for areas where hygiene is critical

Tork Microfiber Cloths have excellent, proven microbial removal and cleaning efficacy to help ensure that surfaces are clean and hygienic. They are low-linting and leave a clean surface behind. The cloths offer durable performance and 300 washes. 

Tork Microfiber Re-usable and Disposable Cleaning Cloth