Sanitizing hands

Keeping up with good hand hygiene

As healthcare workers are entering the workforce to meet an increased demand, it's more important than ever to uphold a high hand hygiene standard in hospitals, health care practitioner (HCP) offices and other healthcare facilities. Keeping up with good hand hygiene is essential to help both workers and patients stay safe and healthy. All healthcare workers should use hand sanitizers or wash their hands with soap and water at five critical moments:
  1. Before touching the patient
  2. Before a clean/aseptic procedure
  3. After body fluid exposure risk
  4. After touching a patient
  5. After touching patient surroundings

If their hands are visibly soiled, doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers should wash their hands with soap and water. You should ensure that hand hygiene supplies are readily available to all personnel in every care location in your hospital, doctor’s office or other healthcare facilities. 

Below are also some resources to reinforce proper hand hygiene techniques with new healthcare staff members. 


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