Unlock the benefits of Tork - without renovating

This page will help you find the right Tork option to upgrade your current stainless hand towel cabinets and bath tissue dispensers. Scroll down to choose product category.

Tork stainless washroom upgrade solutions

Your visitors evaluate your business based on the standard of your washrooms. With Tork Stainless Washroom upgrade solutions you can unlock the hidden potential of your current stainless washroom solutions and offer a better experience for staff and visitors. Not to mention save money along the way

  • Roll towel upgrades and folded towel adapters

    Upgrading to one of our many high capacity roll towel dispensers helps reduce maintenance costs. Ideal for busy restrooms, hands free dispensing eliminates cross-contamination and improves hygiene.  Tork stainless roll towel dispensers are available in versions for recessed cabinets as well as for in-wall mounting.

  • Coreless bath tissue adapters

    Upgrading your stainless steel bath tissue dispensers with a Tork High Capacity Coreless Spindle Kit allows you to use Tork Advanced High Capacity Coreless Bath Tissue Rolls, which will give you increased capacity and lower maintenance costs.

  • Unlock a better guest experience

    Tork Premium hand towels have soft and strong sheets and provide a more hygienic experience for your quests.

  • Unlock hidden savings

    Tork Coreless Bath Tissue Rolls have more than twice the capacity compared to standard rolls.

Upgrade your stainless washroom in 3 easy steps!
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