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Regular maintenance, like removing dirt and stubborn stains from surfaces, machines and tools, keeps downtime to a minimum. Our cloths—dry or used with water, solvents or detergents—help do the cleaning. More durable than paper, our cleaning cloths last longer and work quickly to save time and money.


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This dispenser reduces consumption and waste thanks to the one sheet at a time feature. The wipes are protected until used which, together with a splash proof and easy to clean dispenser, ensures good hygiene and reduces waste. Refilling is easy too, and you avoid the risk of running out of wipes, as the semi-transparent hood shows when top-ups are needed. The dispenser has flexible mounting options. You can either use the wall bracket or, magnets for mounting. 

Tork Folded Wiper/Cloth Dispenser

Tork Folded Wiper/Clo...

Article : 654021

Multipurpose Wipers

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From small to large jobs, Tork wipers provide a hygienic, cost-effective way to handle the complete range of maintenance tasks.

Tork Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloth, 1/4 Fold

Tork Heavy-Duty Clean...

Article : 5301505

Industrial Strength Wipers

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Tork Industrial Cleaning Cloth is a soft and flexible cloth that is excellent in tight spaces, and ideal for cleaning oil and grease. The Tork Industrial Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloth has a high absorption capacity, works well with most solvents and protects your hands from heat and metal scraps.

Low Lint Wipers

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The Tork Low-Lint Cleaning Cloth is a low linting, flexible and drapable cloth that works well with solvents, detergents and disinfectants. The Tork Industrial Low-Lint Cleaning Cloth is strong and absorbent ESD (Electro Static Discharge) suitability. Works well with most solvent, detergents and disinfectants.

Tork Industrial Low-Lint Cleaning Cloth, Top-Pak

Tork Industrial Low-L...

Article : 192578