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Add a splash of color and sustainability

Add a splash of color and sustainability

Colorful napkins will complement and enhance the appearance of a dish while sustainable options can help you connect with your guests’ values.

How the right napkin can improve your guest experience

Food and service are key factors for a restaurant's success, but did you know that as many as 38% percent say that it’s the overall experience at an establishment that makes it their favourite*1?  
Colors are an effective way to enhance the dining experience. We used brain wave technology to measure how guests react to different colors. The intention was to see how colors could act as flavor enhancers. For example, greens harmonize with yellow foods since both are warm colors and share pigments and darker colors like black and brown provide a luxurious contrast to lighter table settings and food. With napkins from Tork you can choose from a wide range of sophisticated colors, or you can also get napkins that are compostable and made from responsibly sourced fibers. This is a way of showing commitment to sustainability.  
Want to see our full product range? Tork Napkins holds everything from the exclusive Tork LinStyle® Napkins to the smart Cutlery Bag Napkin and Tork Natural Napkins that can be custom printed with your logo.  

Does color affect taste?

We equipped 16 guests with brain wave headsets to find out if an identical mini-macaron tasted different depending on the colors surrounding them.

Boost the experience beyond the plate by connecting with guest values

A guest will notice 7,000 details across all areas of a restaurant – colors are among the first things.*2 *3


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