Essity and our partners enable University of Vermont to meet their environmental targets through the Power of Three program.

University of Vermont is known to be one of the most sustainable universities in the U.S. and 42% of their students say that its sustainability reputation influenced their decision to study there. Also, more than half of UVM students, faculty and staff strongly agree that sustainability is important to them. Participating in a local closed loop recycling program was a natural step, and Essity and our partners make it happen.

Since 2015, Essity and our partners, Foley Distributing and SecurShred, have enabled University of Vermont to close the loop for their office paper through the Closed Loop Recycling initiative and the Power of Three recycling program. For University of Vermont, the program has helped divert over 15,000 cubic feet of office paper from traditional recycling. Instead, it is converted into new tissue products locally and comes back to be used on campus. So far this has avoided the burning of 75,000 gallons of oil, and cut 12,000 pounds of air pollutants from transportation and production. 

–University of Vermont has a national reputation as a leader in campus sustainability. 42% of our students say that our sustainability reputation influenced their decision to study here. Therefore, participating in the Power of Three program was a no-brainer. By collaborating with Essity, SecurShred, and Foley Distributing, we can recycle our shredded office paper in a mill only 2 hours away from campus and buy back what we recycle as new tissue products, says Caylin McCamp, Education and Outreach Coordinator, UVM Office of Sustainability. 

The Power of Three program covers the full loop of recycling of office paper from the customer’s facility. The approved shredder, SecurShred,  collects office paper and shreds the material, ensuring secure destruction. The shredded paper is then transported to the local Essity paper mill in South Glens Falls (NY), where it is used to produce Green Seal certified paper towels, toilet tissue, and napkin products. To close the loop, Foley Distributing delivers the recycled products back to be used at the customer’s facility. 

–Today, we see that our customers are more educated on and set ambitious targets for sustainability. That means you have to do more as a manufacturer and a distributor than just giving them products that are environmentally sound. You also need to provide them with solutions that enable them to reclaim a product so it can be reused. That’s what Essity and our Tork brand of professional hygiene products are doing with the Power of Three program and our distributor and recycling partners, says Brad Bingham, Key Account Manager at Essity.

"The Power of Three-program has truly benefited our environmental performance. We have diverted over 15,000 cubic feet of materials from traditional recycling, to make tissue products locally that comes right back to our campus."

—Corey Berman, Program Manager, UVM Recycling & Zero Waste

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The Closed Loop Program utilizes what is considered an end of life raw material and allows it to be used again for tissue products. We’re very fortunate to have a partner in University of Vermont, an eco-conscious shredder in SecurShred, and a local producer of third party certified tissue, towel and napkin products from Essity and the Tork brand, to make this program seamless.

Chris Loures

President of Sales, Foley Distributing