Working with Tork Vision Cleaning* and data-driven cleaning in London’s busy buildings

Based in a prominent position on the Thames, Southbank, the Blue Fin Building is an iconic 500,000 sq ft, 13 floor landmark, developed in 2007. Few real estate markets are as intense and at the forefront of development as London. Commercial facilities constantly look for new solutions to refine every detail and stay ahead of competition. The Blue Fin Building is no exception, based in a prominent position on the Thames’ Southbank.

Blue Fin Building It is an iconic 500,000 sq ft landmark building spread across 13 floors. Its flow and composition of visitors are as vibrant and varied as the city itself. 


Challenge of over- and under-cleaning 

To ensure the facility is always at its best, cleaning is provided by Principle Cleaning Services, who manage many of the most prestigious buildings in London. Traditional cleaning rounds and dispenser checks were carried out several times a day across the site, which averages over 10,000 washroom visits a day. But having pre-set cleaning procedures provided limited flexibility to cope with variations in visitor traffic and led to over-cleaning in some areas and under-cleaning in others. 


“The need for cleaning correlates with visitors. More people means more pressure. When working with pre-set cleaning rounds it was hard to adapt and match our operations to the actual demands of the building,” says Victoria Jaramillo, General Manager, Principle Cleaning. 


To improve efficiency and cleaning standards at the Blue Fin Building, Principle sought to utilize real-time data and new technology. Tork Vision Cleaning*, the facility management solution for data-driven cleaning was installed to provide real-time data on cleaning and refill needs. This enabled the cleaners and management to work proactively and do what’s needed, when and where it’s needed. 


A new logic for cleaning

The introduction of Tork Vision Cleaning* allowed Principle to shift from static schedules to need-based cleaning based on digital cleaning plans, and the very busy building could be more effectively managed. 


Data-driven cleaning has established a whole new logic for cleaning. Connected devices throughout the building collect real-time data on visitor numbers and dispenser refill levels. Instead of cleaning staff just going from one location to another, they now know exactly which locations have the highest cleaning needs. 


“Today, we provide a higher and more consistent cleaning quality. Multiple cleaners across different shifts work with the software to manage the cleaning across the busy site. It is not that we do cleaning itself differently, but much more effectively. We have a new level of flexibility and proactivity in our operations that allows us to meet and match cleaning needs whenever and wherever they occur,” says Tom Lloyd, Operations Director, Principle Cleaning.

*Tork Vision Cleaning was formerly known as Tork EasyCube®.