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Tork People Counter Starter Kit

Tork People Counter Starter Kit

Your first step to smarter cleaning with data. The starter kit is an easy way to trial and experience the benefits.

Efficient and easy

Now it's easy to start improving cleaning quality and efficiency. The starter kit monitors the number of people using two selected rooms or restrooms and updates your application with footfall analytics to show when they need a clean. 
More control for you, less sweat for your staff.

See the impact of data in cleaning

See how The Tork People Counter Starter Kit works – unlocking real-time data to improve cleaning quality and efficiency.
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How it works

Tork People Counter Starter Kit  
  • Sensors count how many people use a room or restroom
  • Application shows cleaning needs, for example in higher-traffic areas
  • Optimize cleaning frequencies
Tork People Counter Starter Kit on mobile phone

The application enables you to...

  • Set visitor thresholds
  • View data on footfall
  • See the bigger picture
  • Secure clean rooms /restrooms

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

It’s easy to sign up, set-up, and benefit from data. Learn how easy it is to get started.
See what our wider data-driven cleaning range can help your business achieve…


* Designed to be mounted on a ceiling or top of doorframe​

** Gateway must be plugged into a power outlet

*** $79 per month subscription thereafter. Prices for further units will vary depending on quantity.