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Enjoy all the benefits of our hand towel dispensers that complement any environment, provide a clean, hygienic appearance.The designs ensure easy and intuitive maintenance, refilling and use. Our hand towels are soft, strong and smart, which deliver complete comfort in a way you can feel good about.


Recommended Products

Tork Image Design Xpress® Hand Towel Dispenser system features a gently brushed stainless steel with fine lines; and subtle curves provide clean lines and smooth surfaces. Extra slim design is both space-saving and elegant. One at-a-time dispensing reduces costs and delivers optimal hygiene. Touch free dispensers, ideal for washrooms looking for a more sophisticated touch. Easy to clean anti-fingerprint stainless steel coating. Keeps the washroom clean and tidy, while complementing the unique design.

Tork Premium Extra Soft Xpress® Multifold Hand Towels system, creates ready-to-use towels with no towel "Fall Out". Portion control, delivers one towel every time. Towels are easy to refill, reducing maintenance time & costs. SCA does not guarantee that this product will contain any recycled fiber. Available in an Easy Handling Carry Pack.

Tork Xpress® Multifold Hand Towel Dispenser, Stainless Steel

Tork Xpress® Multifol...

Article : 463002

Tork Xpress® Extra Soft Multifold Hand Towel

Tork Xpress® Extra So...

Article : 100297


Recommended Products

The Tork Xpress Countertop Multifold Hand Towel Dispenser is part of the Elevation Design line and serves as a great alternative to providing a stack of loose towels on the washroom counter top. Tork Elevation dispensers have a functional, modern design, that makes a lasting impression on your guests.

Best in class for hand feel, speed of absorbency and total water holding capacity, Tork Premium Soft 3-Panel Multifold Hand Towels feature QuickDry™ technology. Designed to fit wide range of folded towel dispensers while allowing faster hand drying thanks to greater absorbency and overall better performance. Ideal for medium traffic washrooms, fits small spaces and provides both comfort and hygiene to your guests.

Tork Xpress Countertop Multifold Hand Towel Dispenser

Tork Xpress Counterto...

Article : 302020


Recommended Products

Tork Centerfeed dispenser in Elevation Design ideal solution for high traffic washrooms that seek an efficient hand towel solution that controls consumption and reduces waste with single sheet dispensing. Tork Elevation dispensers have a functional, modern design, that makes a lasting impression on your guests.

Tork Advanced Soft Centerfeed Towels offer one-at-a-time service, and reduces waste. High capacity, reduces labor and refills. High absorbency , means less towels used. Touch only the dispensing towel reduces cross contamination. Made from 100% recycled fiber provides environmental benefits, and a positive image builder. Available in an Easy Handling Carry Box. ECOLOGO® Certified. Compostable Verified by Independent Verification.

Tork Centerfeed Dispenser

Tork Centerfeed Dispe...

Article : 559028A

Tork Advanced Soft Centerfeed Hand Towel, 2-Ply, White

Tork Advanced Soft Ce...

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