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Patient Care

Patient satisfaction and Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) are two key concerns affecting acute care facilities like yours. With results tied to reimbursements, and available for public review, hospitals are being held to higher standards. Tork products offering quieter dispensing and enhanced image help improve overall patient experience. Tork touch-free systems encourage proper hand hygiene to reduce the spread of infection—all helping acute care facilities achieve greater satisfaction to meet growing demands.


Recommended Products

Our Tork Extra Mild Foam Soap has a gentle, formulation for ideal comfort-in-use for the staff and the patient. The extra mild formulation is dermatologically tested and the skin caring ingredients care for sensitive skin when frequent hand washing.

Tork Foam Skincare Manual Dispenser

Tork Foam Skincare Ma...

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Tork Premium Extra Mild Foam Soap

Tork Premium Extra Mi...

Article : 401211

Hand towels

Recommended products

Hand drying is an important step to prevent cross contamination. But the noise from handtowel dispensers inside a patient room can disturb the ones who need tranqulity to get better. OurTork Xpress™ Multifold Hand Towel Dispensers guarantee reliable sheet-by-sheet dispensing without dispensing noise. The Tork Advanced and Premium paper towels are designed to accelerate absorption and to allow for pat drying so that the epidermis is preserved. For extra care.

Tork Xpress® Hand Towel Dispenser

Tork Xpress® Hand Tow...

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Tork Premium Extra Soft Xpress® Multifold Hand Towel, 4-Panel

Tork Premium Extra So...

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Recommended products

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends five moments for good hand hygiene in patient care. Tork products are fundamental in every step.
Our Tork Alcohol Hand Sanitizers in various formats are available for flexible use. And patients who see their attendant care for their hands before visiting, feel well taken care of. Our Alcohol Hand Sanitizers contain hydrating ingredients for extra care, Because healing hands must stay healthy themselves.

Tork Premium Alcohol Foam Hand Sanitizer

Tork Premium Alcohol ...

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Tork Foam Skincare Automatic Dispenser

Tork Foam Skincare Au...

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Facial tissues

Recommended Products

The convenience of having tissues at hand can help your patients feel more comfortable. Our extra soft Tork Facial tissues can make a simple, caring difference.