Easy handling

Tork Easy Handling™

Our ergonomic designs and Tork Easy Handling™ features make handling our boxes and bags easier. Facility personnel save time and effort. Routine tasks are done quickly and more comfortably. That saves time and energy for more important work. Though research we have found that our Tork transport packaging is handled a lot of times before the products are unpacked and finally used. Furthermore we know that work-related health issues are common among cleaning workers due to tough working environment and heavy physical work tasks. With large numbers of  Hygiene products packaging handled globally each week, we thought that we can really make a difference by improving our transport packaging. By using biometric data and ergonomics we can secure that we find solutions that have the most user friendly design. Today we have a series of transport packaging solutions that make working life quicker, easier, and more ergonomic for our end customers.

Tork Easy Handling Box

Available on rolled and folded paper towels, and toilet paper.

Cleaners spend their days doing physical work  which can be tough on their bodies. If you can lighten the load for your team everyone will win with less back pain and higher efficiency. That is why the Tork Easy Handling Box has practical handles for carrying with one or two hands. Perforations added to the box also make it easy to open, flatten and dispose.

Tork Premium Extra Soft Matic® Hand Towel Roll

Tork Premium Extra So...

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Tork Easy Handling Plastic Bag

Available on folded hand towels

When time is short and storage space is limited, you don’t need packaging to take up any more of your day or space than necessary. That is why the Tork Easy Handling plastic bag has perforated openings on the side and top of the bag make it convenient to open. Since the bag is self-collapsing, it takes a minimum of space on the shelf and is simple to throw away when empty. Your team will also be happy about the smart handle that makes carrying easier.

Tork Xpress® Extra Soft Multifold Hand Towel

Tork Xpress® Extra So...

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