Data-driven cleaning transforms standards at WTC Amsterdam

Thanks to the innovative facility management software for data-driven cleaning, the time it takes to clean washrooms in this 'commercial metropolis' in Amsterdam has been reduced by 27%, while availability of towels and toilet paper has shot up to nearly 100%. As a result, the number of complaints has dropped to an absolute minimum! 
Since 2015, D&B The Facility Group has been responsible for cleaning at WTC Amsterdam but last year they changed their approach and started using Tork EasyCube®. Edo den Her-tog, Chief Operating Officer for D&B said, “Competition is strong in the cleaning industry. There’s a lot of discussion about cost, but at the end of the day, a client like WTC Amsterdam wants the best of the best. 
The facilities have to be top notch to keep the tenants happy. By using real-time data and carrying out quality assessments before each cleaning shift, D&B has targeted cleaning frequency to achieve optimal cleaning quality. Elmer Engel, Business Line Manager for D&B The Facility Group commented, “This new, smart way of working is a significant change for cleaners. Some have been working here for twenty years and were used to making their cleaning rounds in their own area of five floors within a specific tower. Thanks to the real-time information, combined with quality assessments within in the software, we know exactly where and when cleaning is needed. Cleaners can now easily clean up to twelve floors each business day, and they can work more flexible hours as we are not bound to short shifts anymore. Cleaners are happy about this change, which makes us an attractive employer.” 
Since D&B has been using Tork EasyCube at WTC Amsterdam, the number of complaints has dropped to an absolute minimum. Suzanne van Westering, Area Manager for D&B add-ed, “Thanks to the sensor technology, toilet paper and towels are now available 100% of the time. We know exactly when and where cleaning and refilling is needed, without having to physically check. It’s made our work easier even though working with a tablet took time for some cleaners to get used to. In the end, however, most cleaners are proud to work with the newest technology.” 
Sander Borggreve Facility Manager at WTC Amsterdam concludes, “We’re at the beginning of a new standard in cleaning. This is a good start. I look forward to what the future will bring to our industry.” 
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