Tork Basic Paper Wiper - The perfect wiper solution for grocery stores

The Tork Basic Paper Wiper is a multipurpose wiper designed for light wiping tasks. It is a good choice when economy matters most.

  • Easily transportable

    Comes in our portable self-dispensing pop-up box, which protects the wipers and allows you to easily transport the wipers to the work site.

  • Multipurpose cloth

    Handy for a wide range of tasks to limit number of different cloths needed. Particularly good for cleaning glass - does not leave any lint or streaks on surfaces.

  • Environmentally friendly

    Contains 100% virgin fibers. It is FSC® certified and NSF P1 certified.


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Tork offers a complete line of products designed to meet all your skincare needs and improve your washroom image and appearance.

Tork® Stand for Foam Skincare Dispensers.  Use with Tork Elevation® Manual Dispenser  571508 and Tork Elevation® Automatic Disperser 571608.

Tork® Foam Skincare Manual Dispenser system in Image Design features a gently brushed stainless steel with fine lines; and subtle curves provide clean lines and smooth surfaces. Easy to load, high capacity refill: 2,500 doses (0.4 ml per dosage). Enclosed system avoids cross contamination. Refill bottle reduces waste volume by up to 70%; recyclable plastic bottles. No batteries needed. 



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Tork Xpressnap®, one-at-a-time dispensing

The Tork Xpressnap® Tabletop Dispenser in Signature Design is the ideal for limited service restaurants that offer napkins at the table. This compact and modern dispenser delivers napkins one-at-a-time, improving hygiene and reducing napkin consumption by at least 25% when compared to traditional dispenser napkin systems. Available in a broad range of contemporary colors, matching your décor is easy. AD-A-Glance® customizable display window serves as an advertising tool to promote your products and engage with your guests; Made with durable and easy to clean materials that reduce maintenance and labor costs.

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