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Every touch point is an opportunity to impress your guests. Ensure a fresh, clean setting at every turn with our hassle-free hygiene systems and accessories. We have everything you need to create and maintain the memorable atmosphere you want.

Surface cleaning

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For quick and effective cleaning of surfaces, our range of Tork Wiping Papers, Tork Cleaning Cloths, and Tork Dispensers can help your housekeeping department save time and effort. With the right wiper selected for the task, hygiene tasks are quickly done.

Hand sanitizing

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Sanitize and moisturize with our Tork Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitizer. It disinfects hands quickly with an added moisturizer to help protect the skin.


Recommended Products

Tork Xpressnap Napkin Dispensing System - winner of the 2014 Red Dot Award for product design tells your visitors that you care about their experience as it fits your coffee corner or lobby perfectly. Thanks to an attractive design the walnut napkin dispenser becomes a piece of interior. Compared to traditional napkin dispensers the one-at-a-time dispensing reduces napkin usage with at least 25%, saving both money and waste.

Facial tissue

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Provide extra comfort and convenience to your guests with our extra-soft and absorbant Tork facial tissues. They come in compact, cardboard boxes so your guests can always keep them at hand.

We always ‘see’ our guests, ask about their well-being and if they had a good night’s sleep. To bring that, every day, to every single guest is our daily challenge.

Geert Snaet

Regional Director Baltic States

Eleven years into operations, business is thriving at the Holiday Inn in Vilnius. And behind the success and increasing business you find a daring mindset and an ambition to truly see every single guest, every single day.

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