Guest rooms

It's the close attention to details that make your guests feel at home in their rooms. Our products for personal hygiene can help your guests have a fresh, clean, and comfortable stay, every day.

Toilet paper

Recommended Product

Tork Premium Bath Tissue is an ultra soft, absorbent premium 2-ply tissue that delivers quality, value and performance. Elegantly embossed which enhances bulk and softness. Each roll is wrapped which ensures sanitary protection.

Facial tissue

Recommended product

Provide extra comfort and convenience to your guests with our extra-soft and absorbant Tork facial tissues. They come in compact, cardboard boxes so your guests can always keep them at hand.

Being with us for a whole week changes the guest - employee relationship. They become part of our family. The guest gets to know the staff, and we get to know their story of what brought them to Sparkling Hill, about their families and about their future plans.

Jana Gohl

Operations Manager, Sparkling Hill Resort

Sparkling Hill Resort, carved into a granite clip overlooking Lake Okanagan, British Columbia, is one of the most spectacular wellness destinations in the world.

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