Tork Advanced Multifold Hand Towel

Color: White
Tork Advanced Multifold Hand Towel

Tork Advanced Multifold Hand Towels provide the right combination of quality, performance and value. Embossing enhances hand feel and maximum performance. Multifold design provides for less towel consumption leading to source reduction, storage space savings, and lower overall costs. High wet strength provides a premium quality people appreciate. Fast absorbency helps to control usage, so you save on reduced waste and maintenance time. "No touch" hand towel service offers sanitary conditions. Towels are made from 100% recycled fibers providing environmental benefits, and a positive image builder. Replaces MB550. ECOLOGO® Certified. Compostable Verified by Independent Verification.

Tork Advanced Multifold Hand Towel

product: MB550A
SCC: 10073286616873

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