Tork Advanced Dispenser Napkin, Luxri 17

Color: White
Tork Advanced Dispenser Napkin, Luxri 17

Tork Advanced Dispenser Napkins facial quality enhances feel and absorbency more than usual single-ply service dispenser napkins. An SCA exclusive. Largest open and folded size dispenser napkin making it a good value, fewer napkins needed per serving. Keeps cost down. Bag packaging ensures superior product quality while protecting unused napkins. Always fresh and sanitary. Made from 100% recycled and 20% Post Consumer fibers offers environmental benefits, a positive image builder and is compostable. Replaces D802. ECOLOGO® Certified. Compostable Verified by BPI and Independent Verification.

Tork Advanced Dispenser Napkin, Luxri 17

product: D802A
SCC: 10073286617504

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