Tork Foam Soap Automatic Touch-Free Dispenser

Color: Black
Tork Foam Soap Automatic Touch-Free Dispenser
product: 572028A SCC: 10073286622027


The perfect balance between luxury and value, our Foam Soap Automatic Touch-Free Dispensing Systems use highly concentrated, rich foam in a touch-free controlled close dispensing system. Tork foam soap provides nearly five times more hand washes per refill than liquid soap and up to 38% more than similar foam soaps while offering a unique, refreshing, hygienic experience. Touch free system eliminates cross contamination. No drip, keeps areas clean. Controlled usage 0.4 ml per dose. More hand washings per refill & high capacity results in low cost-in-use. Refills reduce packaging waste, which is easier on the environment.High capacity 2,750 doses per refill. Easy tape or screw mounting installation. ADA compliant. Uses 4 "C size" batteries. Also Available in White 572020A.

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