Tork Elevation® Centerfeed Hand Towel Dispenser, Black

Color: Black
Tork Elevation® Centerfeed Hand Towel Dispenser, Black
product: 559028A SCC: 10073286621426

Our widest range of dispensers. Sleek white or black with a see-through window.

Tork Elevation® dispensers simplify and complement any environment, providing a clean, hygienic appearance. Our new design ensures easy and intuitive maintenance, refilling and use. The Tork Centerfeed Dispensing Systems enable an easy, one-handed operation and controlled consumption. They are the ideal systems for areas where hand and light surface wiping are combined. Tork Centerfeed high capacity cabinets are ideal for high traffic environments. Cabinets are hygienic. You only touch the towel you use. No cross contamination from levers or cranks. The Portion Control feature dispenses one towel every time. Cabinets are simple and reliable offering low maintenance costs. Replaces 302092 and 302282. Also Available in White 559020A.

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