Tork Xpressnap® Stand Napkin Dispenser

Color: Green
Tork Xpressnap® Stand Napkin Dispenser
product: 45XPS SCC: 10073286619485

Dispensers & napkins for Xpressnap

Since 2003 Tork Xpressnap® Classic has served up built-in value from foodservice counters across the country. Xpressnap Classic greatly increases personal hygiene and cuts waste by delivering one napkin at a time, every time. SCA Tissue guarantees a 25 percent reduction in napkin usage although actual results often show savings as high as 40 percent. The Stand model provides stability and holds the dispenser upright. Its portable feature allows the user to easily position the unit at any location. The stand dispenser holds up to 900 napkins, nearly three times the capacity of traditional dispensers, producing additional savings in labor. The unique AD-a-Glance message panel can be used for in-store promotions or to generate advertising revenue. First introduced in 2004, the Xpressnap® system has taken the foodservice industry by storm and has earned international recognition for innovation and excellence. Also available in Granite 31XPS, Black 32XPS, Blue 40XPS, Red 41XPS.

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