Tork Premium Antibacterial Liquid Soap

Color: Orange
Tork Premium Antibacterial Liquid Soap
product: 400015S SCC: 10073286622577

Tork Premium Antibacterial Liquid Soap is the classic antibacterial gold soap at a price your customers will love. Using the active ingredient Triclosan makes this soap an effective germ killer and always mild on your hands. Portion Control - dispenser prevents overuse, dispenses 1 ml every time. High capacity - the 1-liter bottle allows for 1000 hand washes. Unique Pump - innovative technology prevents the dispenser from dripping and clogging. Collapsible refill - 70% less waste. Sealed system - guaranteed quality plus hygienic! 1 time use pump - extra hygienic! Refilling done in 1 second - "load and flow". Arm Lever - a hygienic way to dispense soap using your elbow. Bottle is made from recyclable plastic. Replaces 400711. Available in U.S.only.

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