Tork Premium Liquid Antimicrobial Soap

Color: Gold
Tork Premium Liquid Antimicrobial Soap

Tork Premium Liquid Soap Antimicrobial formula provides optimum killing power. Additional hand feel ingredients have been added to prevent any damage to your hands. Portion Control - dispenser prevents overuse, dispenses 1 ml every time. High capacity - the 1-liter bottle allows for 1000 hand washes. Unique Pump - innovative technology prevents the dispenser from dripping and clogging. Collapsible refill - 70% less waste. Sealed system - guaranteed quality plus hygienic! 1 time use pump - extra hygienic! Refilling done in 1 second - "load and flow". Arm Lever - a hygienic way to dispense soap using your elbow. Bottle is made from recyclable plastic. Replaces 400712. Available in U.S.only.

Tork Premium Liquid Antimicrobial Soap

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