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It's Better Business. Naturally.

We have an updated Sustainability section on our website with a fresh look!

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You don’t become one of the greenest tissue companies in the world by preaching about the environment. You become the leader by proving there’s value in doing what’s right. With SCA, sustainability and better business go hand in hand to deliver solutions that serve your beliefs and your balance sheet.

We’re proud of our 85-year track record in sustainability, but we’re also in the business of creating value you can see and feel: the kind that benefits our customers, consumers, employees and shareholders, as well as the communities we serve. Our natural value proposition falls into three categories: capitalize, socialize and naturalize. 

SCA minimizes its environmental footprint along every step of the product lifecycle—from design and manufacturing to delivery and use.

Healthy practices create happier people. SCA solutions help attract and retain customers while boosting employee satisfaction and morale. Learn more

SCA innovative dispensing solutions reduce consumption and labor, leading to more cost savings for our customers. Less waste. Renewable returns. Learn more 

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