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T1 - jumbo roll 10" bath tissue system

  • Traditional, extra-high capacity toilet-tissue system. Simple, reliable

T2 - jumbo mini bath tissue system

  • Traditional, high-capacity toilet-tissue system. Simple, reliable

T7 - Coreless High Capacity Bath Tissue System

  • Sleek mid-sized, coreless high-capacity toilet roll dispenser for two rolls

T21 - jumbo roll 12" bath tissue system

  • Basic dispenser system for 12" Jumbo rolls


T22 - jumbo roll 9" bath tissue system

  • Basic dispenser system for 9" Jumbo rolls


T24 - conventional bath tissue system

  • Basic dispenser for conventional tissue rolls


T26 - high-capacity bath tissue system

  • Modern, sleek, space-saving system. Holds two mid-sized toilet rolls for high-capacity

Toilet paper systems


  • A good value that does the job