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H1 - hand towel roll system

H21 - hardwound roll hand towel system

H22 - windshield towel system

H23 - multifold hand towel system

H24 - multifold hand towel system

H25 - c-fold hand towel system

T1 - jumbo roll 10" bath tissue system

T2 - jumbo mini bath tissue system

T21 - jumbo roll 12" bath tissue system

T22 - jumbo roll 9" bath tissue system

T24 - conventional bath tissue system

T26 - high-capacity bath tissue system

S1 - liquid soap system

S4 - Foam Soap System

B3 - Bin sanitary

  • Bin sanitary

W4 - top holder wiper system

M1 - centerfeed mini hand towel system

M2 - centerfeed hand towel system

M23 - centerfeed hand towel system

M24 - watertight centerfeed hand towel system

N4 - Xpressnap napkin system

N5 - Rollnap napkin system

N6 - brushed steel dispenser napkin system

N7 - brushed steel dispenser napkin system

N8 - brushed steel dispenser napkin system

N9 - brushed steel dispenser napkin system

N10 - Xpressnap Café napkin system

V1 - toilet seat cover system