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Service excellence


SCA Tissue is able to provide one-day transit to nearly 70% of our customers.

  • SCA Tissue provides consistent, rapid response time
  • SCA's fill rate > 99%
  • SCA's on-time delivery performance > 95%


SCA Tissue offers our customers a choice of how they send and receive information. The following is a list of documents and available modes of communication:

  • Order Placement (EDI 850 ASC X12, E-mail, Fax)
  • Order Acknowledgement (EDI 855 ASC X12, E-mail, Fax)
  • Advanced Ship Notification (EDI 856 ASC X12, E-mail, Fax)
  • Short Ship Notification (E-mail, Fax)
  • Invoice (EDI 810 ASC X12, E-mail, Fax)
  • Special Price Confirmation (Contract) in .pdf or flat file (E-mail, Fax)
  • Price Pages in .pdf or flat file (E-mail, Fax)
  • Contract Rebate Form (monthly distribution) (EDI 867 ASC X12, E-mail, Fax, Mail)
  • Contract Rebate Memo (E-mail, Fax)


If you are interested in exchanging any EDI ASC X12 , UCS or EDIFACT documents, please send an email with SCA Tissue EDI on the subject line and your contact information

Tork Better Business Brief

Tork Better Business Brief

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